Free Ways to Reward Employees

19 Sep

Constant feedback and appreciation of hard working employees lets them know a company values their work and is a great way to retain workers and cut back on turnover.

Though most businesses may still be feeling a pinch, here are a few suggestions on how to reward employees at no cost.

For a heartfelt and more personal touch, companies can send a note to an employee’s family, expressing how that worker’s contribution has helped the company.

Granting telecommuting privileges or flexible hours can also be a strong incentive for your staff. Offering a vacation day can reward an employee and may pay off for the company – a refreshed worker will likely be more productive when he or she comes back to the office.

You can also tie a reward with an employee’s regular review, such as offering a public thank you. Using human resource management software to track employee progress will enable HR managers to privately note what workers can do to improve, but also give them a chance to publicly acknowledge employee accomplishments.

How does your company recognize employees who go above and beyond?

3 Responses to “Free Ways to Reward Employees”

  1. Emily Perryman September 20, 2011 at 3:42 pm #

    It’s important that you acknowledge a job well done and it’s also important that your employees get along. A great way to do both is to reward your employees through other employees’ praise. But, when and how do you encourage employees to acknowledge each other’s work? A great place would be during a company meeting. Get a jar or bowl and pass it around at the beginning of the meeting and ask people to put in a note with a compliment or comment about someone’s job well done this past month or week. Then at the end of the meeting read them out loud. It’s a great way for people to get encouragement, and it can even strengthen employee relations!

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