Engaging Older Workers

26 Sep

Pairing WorkersA few years ago, senior employees at your company may have had one foot out the door. But the economic reality today means many workers are stepping back into the office.

The fact is, many employees who were once closing in on retirement are now planning to spend a few more years in the labor force. Here is a way you can ensure they aren’t isolated from younger staff members and are still working to their maximum potential.

Give veteran workers additional responsibilities. Consider pairing them with a younger employee to remind them that they still have a lot of knowledge to offer colleagues. It may put a new spin on their daily routine and give them added incentives to bring their top game to work every day.

Avoiding disengagement of older staffers will ensure that the company continues seeing a return on employee investment for years to come.

How do older workers at your company fit in with the rest of the workforce?

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