Identifying and Promoting Creativity

8 Sep

Identifying and Promoting CreativityCreativity is the energy that gets any business or entrepreneurial venture on its feet. The problem is that it’s capricious and seems to emerge at random moments that are nearly impossible to regulate.

For that reason, businesses in need of creative power tend to look for it in the interview stage. Of course, just as creativity is difficult to harness in an office environment it is difficult to identify in a job candidate.

Ashley Haber, co-founder and creative director of SpiritHoods, suggests employers seek out and hire candidates who are already passionate about their industry, their ideas and the company itself.

“Any company hiring a top-level creative executive must first and foremost have complete trust in that person’s vision. The key to any ‘cool’ successful brand is authenticity, which comes from hiring someone who clearly knows the market they are targeting and has the experience and unique ability to activate demand by understanding the ethos of this market.”

True creative professionals should have a general sense of how their ideas will impact the market or individual consumers.

What are some ways employers can identify a job candidate’s creative potential?

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