Eliminate Workplace Distractions

8 Aug

The Internet Can Be A Workplace DistractionEmployee motivation is complex, as so many different variables interact to build or destroy workplace morale, engagement and, as a result, productivity. As companies expand, they naturally begin to take on more personnel, technologies, clients and responsibilities, all of which create distractions.

To that end, managers need to consider how their current company policies and infrastructural concerns serve to distract employees and limit productivity. For example, sound and noise levels have been proven to impact stress and motivation levels.

A Cornell University study found that temperature and room climate can also influence motivation levels. According to that study, productivity increased and error levels fell with an increase in temperature from 68 degrees to 77 degrees. Of course, too much heat can also rack productivity.

Perhaps the most obvious example of a workplace distraction is the internet. According to the source, 60 percent of work interruptions stem from the internet. While most businesses rely on the web for processes and operations, managers should adopt strategies to curb gratuitous use of it, although they must do so without angering employees.

What workplace distractions have you found limit productivity?

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