Can Workplace Napping Boost Productivity?

22 Aug

Napping Employee

Sleeping at the workplace has progressed from a somewhat absurd notion to an accepted practice at many big-name corporations. Traditionally, managers and business owners have argued that napping during a busy workday racks productivity and signifies laziness, but the impression is beginning to change.

In fact, researchers now agree that napping can boost productivity, in that sleep can help recharge a tired mind, boost energy and increase overall productivity.

Inc. magazine reports that researchers from the University of California Berkeley have confirmed that mid-day naps can improve the brain’s ability to retain information and hasten the process of long-term memory consolidation.

The number of companies that endorse workplace sleeping run the gamut, ranging from Goldman Sachs and IBM to Google and Ben & Jerry’s.

Of course, the nature of a workplace napping policy depends on the business at hand, but HR management teams should consider how sleeping opportunities can help boost workplace productivity.

How can a company implement a napping policy that does not exclude certain employees while also ensuring peak productivity?

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