Let HR Be HR

23 Aug

Empowering an Executive with HR AnalyticsSmall business owners, particularly founders, are understandably concerned about delegating responsibilities to employees or new hires. After building a company from scratch, it is difficult to trust new faces with tasks that the owner has come to perfect.

However, doing exactly that, delegating, is what it takes to grow a business. To adhere to old ways, to insist on certain methods, or generally discourage personal styles of doing business will only dampen a company’s productivity.

While micromanaging is rarely a valued management tactic, there is one area where it should be discouraged at all costs: human resource management.

Business owners want to focus on building team of people they can trust, but sometimes they let their own personal preferences get in the way of making important hiring decisions.

Chief executives and other managerial leaders need to leave compensation, benefits, healthcare and other personnel strategies – no matter how consequential – to the HR specialists. Of course, input and communication should always be stressed.

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