Build an Environment for Happiness

5 Aug

HappinessEmployee satisfaction is near impossible to build through managerial efforts alone. While there are things employers can do to boost motivation and engagement levels, happiness in the workplace is achieved personally and on an individual basis.

Accordingly, managers need to concede that they cannot build happiness among employees, but they can create a workplace that is favorable to such an objective. For example, by affording career advancement, training opportunities and programs, workers are likely to feel more ambitious and excited.

Aside from career considerations, workplace relationships are also critical in affecting employee satisfaction. Sometimes a more happy work environment can result from having employees get to know each other a little better. It’s simple: People are more likely to be happy if they like who they work with. Once again, while one cannot control who likes whom, managers can host team building events or social gatherings to improve relations. 

What are some other ways employers can build an environment that is conducive to work satisfaction and happiness?

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