Employee Motivation vs. Happiness

19 Aug

Happy Motivated EmployeesEmployee motivation is the most fundamental driver of worker productivity. It’s a fact of human nature that people worker harder and more effectively when they are happy or feel an incentive to do so.

For that reason, it is a constant challenge among employers and HR management professionals to boost worker motivation and morale and ultimately create a fun workplace.

When market conditions deteriorate, managers need to develop even more creative methods for engaging employees, and one of the most common strategies is to set a good example. This means listening to and encouraging ideas from all workers and ensuring that they feel appreciated.

While motivation tends to be a result of happiness, it is rarely the other way around. In other words, employees can be motivated without being happy – whether it’s out of fear of losing their job or being pressured to complete a task. This relationship is unhealthy and only breeds resentment.

Inc. magazine recommends employers and HR managers focus on making their workers happy. This will also help retain talent – whether entry-level or top brass.

One Response to “Employee Motivation vs. Happiness”

  1. Emily Perryman August 24, 2011 at 1:19 pm #

    It is true that when market conditions deteriorate, employee attitudes follow suit. The fear of losing a job, especially in today’s market, can be a motivation on its own, but it would benefit everyone if it was taken out of the equation. Fear limits employees and hinders the company’s growth because people who are afraid are less likely to take chances. These chances can be as small as making a suggestion during a meeting. It benefits the organization to have employees that think outside the box, instead of employees that keep themselves in their comfort zone. Inspiring your employees to take chances and venture outside of the box can result in a great and profitable idea.

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