Delivering Employee Feedback

1 Aug

Human Resources Manager Delivering FeedbackOffering feedback to employees can be a controversial strategy among managers and human resource professionals. While many ardently maintain that it is essential to point out how workers can improve, others contest that it can be wasteful and even demeaning to them.

Of course, such practices work on a case-by-case basis, and workers need to be pushed in the right direction, but it’s the way in which managers accomplish this that counts.

“Regardless of whether they’re excelling at their job or they’re new to the company, people need to know where they stand,” says Bill Hogg for Customer Think.

When managers need to point out problems with a specific employee or offer feedback in a critical manner, it’s important to balance the good with the bad and always deliver feedback through one-on-one exchanges. If all they receive is constant criticism they are likely to respond with reduced motivation and encouragement.

Remember that everyone wants to be good at their job, even if it doesn’t fit with their career ambitions. Try to help workers realize this by focusing on how they can personally appreciate their own work.

What are some other ways managers can provide employee feedback?

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