Promoting Healthy Decision Making

16 Aug

In many ways, HR management is about encouraging employees to trust in themselves to accomplish a task. But in many cases, productivity comes down to making good decisions and managers need to trust in the split-second decisions made by employees.

For that reason, it may be a good idea for HR managers to promote healthy decisions-making and, perhaps more importantly, decisiveness among employees. While there are a variety of ways managers can encourage better decision-making, the general rule of thumb is that decisiveness relies on independence and personal confidence.

Instead of asking others what to do, managers and decision-makers need to develop their own strategies and seek input as to how to improve it. Not only does this breed respect among coworkers, it expedites processes and gets things done.

Also, trust your instincts. While an initial reaction to a challenge may not be grounded in fact, it may be based on subtle or even sub-conscious reasoning that only needs a bit of research to vindicate. If all else fails, decision support software can help human resources with decision making by providing hr analytics that highlight key trends within your business.

How else can HR managers encourage healthier decision-making in the workplace?

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