Clear The Clutter

29 Aug

Data Overload Stifling CreativityWork tends to clutter the mind. Too much of it can bog down employees and damage morale. Accordingly, it’s important for HR managers to implement a policy that allows for periodic breaks for workers to clear their heads and return with a fresh perspective.

However, it’s not just excessive workloads that inhibit creative thought and mental sharpness. Mere stimulation and data overload can be even more draining to the psyche.

While many employees have come to rely on various technological innovations – be they table computers or smartphones, social media or email – they can have an adverse effect on mental clarity.

In fact, according to The New York Times, recent research from the University of California at San Francisco has shown that lab animals who are exposed to new experiences are better able to process and retain information once they have removed themselves from the new experience.

The same is likely true for humans, so managers may want to permit workers to take frequent breaks to collect their thoughts or perhaps even flush them altogether. Such a process can do wonders for generating creativity and innovation in the workplace.

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