Walking the Tightrope of Work Life Balance

13 Jul

Woman Working From HomeCould you imagine the work that would get done if all employees were on call 24/7, compulsively checking email and never putting down their smartphones?

However, we all know that’s not realistic, fair or sustainable. Encouraging flexibility and a healthy balance between professional and personal lives can keep employees enthusiastic and prevent burnout.

To help with stress, cross train employees so they can fill in for each other if someone is out sick or on vacation. Telecommuting the correct way, flexible hours or a compressed work week can also allow your employees to pick the time and place where they’ll be most efficient.

That freedom doesn’t suit everyone, so draft policies addressing who qualifies for the flexibility options and plan out how you’ll regulate their work. (HR management software can help track employees and their productivity, along with payroll and other business statistics.)

Set realistic expectations for what your employees can accomplish in a day or week. While it’s nice to have high productivity in the office, don’t make demands that are impossible to meet or constantly require people to take work home.

Do you have any tips for balancing “real life” and work?

One Response to “Walking the Tightrope of Work Life Balance”

  1. Jerry August 24, 2011 at 8:25 pm #


    I have worked in the operational side of many organizations where the work world is a lot different. Most of my jobs are IT related and they were all 24×7 plugged in all the time. That is one reason IT professional don’t buy the notion of work life balance because it is what others get and don’t allow IT to have.