Keeping Cool About Hiring Extra Summer Workers

11 Jul

Student Intern Working During The SummerIf your company offers an internship program, or takes on additional workers to handle a busy summer, that means human resource managers receive waves of applications from job seekers hoping for a temporary position.

Here are a few ways you can handle the extra work of processing temporary or seasonal hires.

How your company views the internship program – whether it’s to expose less experienced workers to the industry or just serves as a way to inexpensively reduce full timers’ workload when many take vacation – will probably dictate the extent of salary and benefits you offer. Payroll software can help track hours interns or seasonal employees work, which helps maintain labor compliance, and can also be used to set up 401(k)s or a direct deposit for paychecks.

Consider giving summer workers or interns a review at the end of the season. It’s great practice for them, and if you find a particular person who has really excelled, you can save their data in a human resource management system for future internships or positions with the company.

Does your company have an internship program, or take on seasonal workers, if so how do you handle the extra talent management issues?

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