Should Your Company Institute Summer Hours?

20 Jun

Summer hoursWhen the weather starts improving and the days grow longer, human resource managers may start to notice employees staring out their windows, gazing wistfully.

It may be time to float the idea of summer hours, which does not necessarily mean shorter work days, but rather more choice in how and where employees do their work. Even if your company usually does not allow telecommuting or flex scheduling, it may be an easier sell to suggest a seasonal waiver of the policy.

However, before creating a four-day week or letting everyone cut out at 3 p.m. daily, companies must take into consideration what options will best suit operations and the needs of their client base. If the organization chooses to create a summer schedule, draft polices with human resource software that stipulate how hours will be managed, what (if any) effect the program will have on wages, instances when some employees may not participate and terms for revoking the privilege.

Do you think seasonal scheduling practices can help or hinder productivity?

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