Sitting Down May Cost You More Than Money

22 Jun

Sitting Down May Cost You More Than MoneyIt’s not difficult to understand that healthy employees can lead to a more productive workforce. People who are in shape tend to have more energy and are less expensive to cover through company health insurance.

However, because so many of today’s white collar jobs are essentially sedentary, there is growing concern about how limited mobility can impact workers’ health and productivity.

Just recently, a New York Times article titled, Is Sitting a Lethal Activity, also touched on this subject.  The article explained in great depth how a researcher at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, is conducting “inactivity studies,” studies of people who don’t move as frequently throughout the day and how that inactivity affects the body.  If you really want a shock, take a look at the infographic made using stats from the same article here, Sitting is Killing You; The Truth About Sitting Down.

In order to effectively manage workplace health, managers should consider implementing wellness programs and employee incentives. Even just small things can get employees up and moving, they might even be considered perks of employment.

Start a lunchtime walking club, and encourage workers to make their meetings mobile too. Let staff members know that it’s okay to take quick mini-breaks, which one study found decreased metabolic risks. If there’s an unused office or meeting room, bring in a few yoga mats or exercise balls – having a place to do some brief stretching or marching in place can get workers’ blood pumping again.

If your company makes physical movement a priority, what ways does it incorporate exercise into the daily office routine?

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