Lending A Sympathetic Ear

6 Jun

HR Lending a Sympathetic EarThe Department of Labor receives more employee complaints each year than you want to know. So many, in fact, that it even has a special portal on its website to deal with the flood of grievances it gets every year.

Are employers committing such serious offenses that their workers have to take complaints to the feds? Or is it that bosses and internal human resources managers are not receptive to employees’ opinions and concerns?

Yes, it’s the HR manager’s job to ensure basic administrative issues are taken care of like payroll compliance and proper worker classification but the department can also have a softer side and be the source of meaningful change in the workplace.

Listening to employees is the foundation for any solid business model. They’re the soldiers on the ground, the ones connecting with customers, the personification of the brand. Having an open door policy can also encourage the sense of camaraderie and being part of a team, which helps productivity. For particularly shy employees, set up a physical or digital complaint box to show your department is serious about their thoughts and opinions.

Does your company have an atmosphere of trust and openness? What are some other ways to encourage workers to bring their worries to internal management before taking problems outside of the business?

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