Bring Your HR Department Up To Speed

8 Jun

HR Technology Can Help Maximize Your Return on Employee InvestmentBetween human resource management software, business analytics programs, social media for professionals and all the other corporate bells and whistles, HR managers may be feeling pretty tech savvy.

But there’s always room for improvement, and a few simple steps can help your HR department stop doing the time warp and start living in 2011.

Go paperless. The healthcare industry is doing it, other businesses can too. Shifting from paper-based payroll solutions and employee files to a direct deposit system and electronic database can smooth operations within the company and increase employee access.

Some businesses utilize built web portals that allow employees to submit time-off requests online, track their own benefits balances, file a grievance or even book a meeting room.

Recruiters now use Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media websites to network with potential new hires.

Automating more mundane HR functions frees up time for managers, allowing them to focus on collecting business information and using that data to devise strategies that can further improve the company. Human resource management systems can run analytic reports in addition to handling payroll solutions and helping you keep abreast of employment law compliance.

There is no time like the present to take advantage of key technological improvements that allow human resource professionals to gain productivity and maximize their return on employee investment.

Is your department plugged in to the latest HR advancements? What are some other ways personnel managers can implement HR innovations and technology to improve employer-employee relations?

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