How HR Can Help After Natural Disasters

3 Jun

Human Resources and Natural DisastersSo far this year, the world has seen a number of large scale natural disasters.  Just recently the United States experienced several instances of powerful storms in which violent winds and tornados have caused significant damage.

While the most important consideration before or immediately after a natural disaster is the safety of employees, minor events usually create more logistical challenges than widespread destruction. In those cases, there are a few things companies can do to minimize the impact on business continuity.

In an increasingly globalized world, many companies may have locations across a country or on separate continents. If your organization has offices elsewhere, and you’re expecting bad weather in your area, alert colleagues. They may be able to pick up the slack if your division is knocked offline.

Even if your company doesn’t allow workers to telecommute, it’s best to be prepared. Write a policy outlining proper ways to work outside the office if an event prohibits most employees from getting to the office. That way, if the building has to be shut down for a few days, business operations can continue.

Has your business struggled to get back on its feet after a small local natural disaster? What ways can you support employees while also getting the business up to speed?

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