Keep Cool About Warm Weather Dress Codes

13 Jun

Relaxed Warm Weather Dress CodeAs most of the country is beginning to see the onset of the summer season, uncomfortably warm weather is a fact of life.  Some companies and employees working in those hot climates have adapted their wardrobes to include cool, yet professional outfits.

In other regions, the mercury only hits the high digits for a few months of the year and some workers may forget that wearing lighter clothing does not mean the dress code can be thrown out the window.

If this has become a problem in your office and some staff members have started to complain, there are a few steps you can take. For workplaces with more traditional policies that require men to wear ties or that have rules regarding the length of skirts and shorts, consider taking a poll to get a sense of what changes employees would like to see and would be willing to accept. Encourage a discussion about what is appropriate for work, as generational changes may be shifting people’s attitudes and opinions.

Businesses that ultimately decide to have separate dress codes depending on the season can store both policies on their human resource management system for easy reference in the years to come.

Do you think the dress code should be adjusted depending on the weather? Does a relaxed policy have any impact on productivity or professionalism?

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