HR Analytics, The Ace Up Your Sleeve

12 May

Decision Support Software Turns HR Analytics Into Useful InformationComputers can do wonderful things. They bring nearly the entire world to our fingertips and they can certainly help people in business.  Human resources management can benefit from the advancements in technology by leveraging their data, this is called HR analytics.

HR analytics give professionals the ability to make strategic contributions by basing their actions on discernible fact rather than just an idea or a feeling, this is true decision support. These programs help HR staff members understand current workforce trends, plan for future needs, benchmark workforce standards and measure payroll, administration, benefits and time management.

Analytics are also nice because they do a lot of the work for you. Data can be digitized and analyzed in mere seconds.

“By going beyond simple HR statistics to include robust corporate information such as financial indicators and survey data, managers can gain deeper insight into how the organization is doing as a whole,” writes Success Factors.

For decades, HR departments largely shunned analytics. But today, these systems are becoming synonymous with the department and decision support software is helping HR become a strategic partner.

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