Fighting Chronic Absenteeism Using an HRMS

25 May

Fighting Chronic Absenteeism - Are People Really Sick? Here is another installment of our series centered on the Return on Employee Investment (ROEI).  Throughout the series I’ll speak directly to what ROEI is, how organizations can maximize it and how they can calculate it. 

To fight against a pattern of sick leave abuse, you’ll need the right information, supplied to both managers and employees. To start off, employers need to have clear absence policy that readily accessible to all employees, along with the employee handbook. Going through absence rules and processes should be part of the on-boarding process.

Technology can be very helpful in this area:

  •  Business process automation tools can dramatically increase the quality of the on-boarding process for all new employees. These tools ensure employees and managers follow time-off procedures, consistent with corporate policies.
  • Employee self-service portals or the company intranet are good places to store the company handbook.

In order to confidently talk with or discipline employees who have attendance problems, it is not enough to have a clearly written policy. Managers also need information that proves possible abuse or above normal patterns of sick leave. Sick leave statistics are needed at the individual employee level and the departmental or company level. Here again, an HRMS solution can identify patterns of abuse and also help report absenteeism results to employees and their managers: 

  • An HRMS system including time-off management and manager self-service functionality keeps management informed. Employees can also see their accurate and up-to-date allowance for sick days.
  • The usage of data-monitoring software can automatically generate alerts to managers that signal the breach of any given pre-defined threshold. That way a manager will be notified if and when their attention is required.
  • Dashboards and graphical representation can show management in one glance how well the company, department or team is doing in terms of sick leave.

 Have you used an HRMS to help defended against employees who took advantage of your sick leave policy?  If so, tell us how it worked out?

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