5 Ways Decision Support Software Helps HR

10 May

Decision support software can be human resources management’s best friend. The technology will never replace the function of HR, as some people have feared, but it can aid human resources in their day-to-day business.

When HR professionals are are able to make strategic decisions based of data and not just anecdotal or subjective information, the entire company wins.

Here are five ways decision support software can help HR:

1. Productivity. This is a big one in today’s economic climate. As businesses try to do more with less, every second of lost productivity is detrimental.

2. Better information, faster. The software’s goal is to support decisions, and what better way can this be accomplished than by streamlining data? Before HR support software, staff members had to manually sort through piles of information that could be located in any number of places. Instead of mining for data, software brings just what HR needs right to the surface in an instant.

3. Hiring. Decision support software greatly aids HR professionals when making employee management choices. Is the company in a position to hire? Do we need to cut back positions? Support software has data to help answer these questions.

4. Salary management. Software can help determine salary action by analyzing turnover, training, compensation, location and other factors. Deciding on an appropriate salary for an employee is now an exact science.

5. Streamlining employee benefits. Thanks to HR software, all of this information is centralized, making administering benefits a breeze.

Are you currently using HR decision support software? How does it help you?

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