Avoiding Summertime Brain Drain

20 May

Avoid Summertime Brain DrainMany employees may choose the summer months to take their vacations, and mentally clock-out in the days leading up to and following their holiday. For workers who take time off in the middle of a project, it can be difficult for him or her to catch up with team members once they return.

Though it may require a little bit of effort for employees who stayed behind, make it a policy that teammates take notes on project progress to help returning workers catch up. Eventually, everyone will have had to make the outline, but will also have gotten a chance to benefit from the policy.

Track productivity in your human resource management system. If you notice a significant change in employee output at certain times of the year, try to analyze what factors contribute to the variance.

The reality is that even employees who do not plan a vacation during the summer may zone out a little bit. Consider some seasonal incentives, such as an informal company cookout in the parking lot every week or month, this will allow employees maintain or improve output levels.

Do you notice a change in the office mood in the summer months? What are some ways you are able to keep productivity humming along year-round?

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