ROEI – Have You Heard?

11 Apr

ROEI - Return on Employee InvestmentI often receive questions from HR professionals and human resource management teams about how companies consistently stay relevant and succeed.  They’re often in the form like these, “why are some companies thriving while others struggle to stay in business” and “what is the distinctive difference between a good company and a truly great company?”

The answers to these questions can only be found when looking at what defines the company: its people. The people that make up a company are that organization’s unique and biggest asset. For most businesses, the workforce is also its largest expense, or better put, its largest investment.

I believe that employees are the most important component in the quest to improve business results. It makes sense to treat employee related expenses as an investment in the workforce. Like any other investment, this critical company investment must yield a healthy return. We call that the Return on Employee Investment or ROEI. 

Stay tuned to our blog for more on ROEI.  We’ve got some great stuff cooking.

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