How to Maximize a Performance Review

1 Apr

HR Manager Maximizing a Performance ReviewPerformance reviews are the basis of so much: Raises, hiring and firing decisions, referrals and more.

But some critics cry that the human resources system is broken, that reviews can be too subjective and only keep employees down. Here are four guidelines to help HR managers get the most out of reviews:

1. Don’t spring a review on an employee, especially on a day like today, April Fool’s Day! If you’re both fully prepared, the review will be informative and constructive for everyone.   

2. Start with an employee’s strengths, praise what he or she has done well, and that positive tone will carry through the conversation – communication is key. Back up your points with specific examples that will help the employee understand what he or she does well or poorly.

3. Ask questions too. In bigger companies, the performance review may be one of the few times that the employee has access to the HR department. An employee can offer valuable insights about operations that upper management doesn’t always see.

4. Finally, catalogue the review – it’s no good if you don’t use it later. HR management software can be useful for tracking employees’ progress and salary changes, and can also generate analytics based on the information HR professionals gather every day. 

What are the best ways to conduct a performance review? Do you have any review session horror stories?

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