Take the Guesswork Out of HR Management

8 Apr

Taking The Guesswork Out of HR ManagementWhen it comes to laying out goals and best practices for human resources executives and the HR department, some CEOs may feel a little lost, wishing there were a group of HR gods to pray to for guidance. What role should HR professionals play? Is there a code of ethics?

In a recent article for Human Resource Executive Online, Susan Meisinger, formerly the Society for Human Resource Management’s CEO, makes the case for adopting national standards for the duties of an HR department.

The society is a “standards developing organization,” she writes, and in 2009 started developing HR rules that companies can voluntarily adopt and adapt to certain professions and industries.

Though context is still the most important factor in how any HR department makes decisions, Meisinger writes, these standards could help non-HR executives understand how to measure cost-per-hire, calculate performance and ensure diversity and inclusion.

For the HR manager being able to quote widely accepted standards when explaining things such as your company’s human capital metrics could make your next presentation to investors a whole lot easier.

Have you adopted some of the society’s HR standards? Do you have any ideas on how to improve how HR functions within a company?

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