Earth Day Can Be Every Day At Your Workplace

22 Apr

Earth Day Can Be Everyday At Your WorkplaceNo question, an eco-friendly office is a successful one. Financially, emotionally and environmentally, these businesses thrive. Staff members feel better about working for a “green” company, business owners can save money by reusing supplies and conserving energy, and Mother Nature always appreciates a little relief.

But how does a company go from wanting to be eco-conscious to actually putting these ideas in motion? There are a few easy steps that can help.

1. Establish a green team. Put together a committee of employees who are interested in making the business more environmentally friendly. This team will organize meetings to discuss workplace practices and analyze the green efforts already in place.

2. Monitor the thermostat. Keeping the room temperature at 68 degrees in the winter and 55 degrees at night will keep employees comfortable while saving money on energy costs.
3. Provide dishware. Employees should have access to reusable dishes, silverware and glasses in their break room, instead of throw-away goods.

4. See the light. Replace incandescent lighting with energy-efficient light bulbs.

5. Adjust computer settings. Plug computers into surge protectors and make sure they are shut off every night. Laptops use approximately 70 percent less electricity than desktops, so these devices might be a helpful upgrade.

How does your office go green? Do you have any tricks of the trade?

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