A New Twist on Continuing Education

18 Apr

Human Resources Management Helping With a Job Shadowing ProgramMoney is tight at companies around the country, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that workers have to suffer.

It may be difficult in today’s economy to provide your employees with the continuing education they desire. Many workers enjoy furthering their knowledge of their professions throughout their careers, and these opportunities are often a welcome perk for job seekers.

However, investing in the education of workers can be an expensive arrangement. But some companies are looking internally for job training opportunities.

On-the-job training, or job shadowing, can be a very powerful tool for employee development and, in many cases, can provide a more in-depth leaning experience. Employees who aspire to higher-up roles within a company can learn more from watching a mentor in action than from a classroom, an exam, an online forum or a textbook.

Job shadowing doesn’t just have to be reserved for hands-on skilled trades as previously thought. Any employee development plan can benefit from on-the-job experience. Mentorships are beneficial for all involved. More seasoned employees get to connect with younger staff members while teaching them the ins and outs of the company and the job itself, and businesses can save money while watching their employees connect professionally and socially.

Does your company have an on-the-job training program in place? What benefits have you seen from job shadow programs?

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