Say Thanks on Administrative Assistant Day

27 Apr

Office SuppliesBring out the flowers, the thank-you cards and the ergonomically correct office supplies. Administrative Assistant’s Day is today and it’s time to express our gratitude for all these employees do.

Whether its ordering your preferred pen brand, greeting you with a smile on Monday morning, making sure you never miss a call or running the business payroll system, administrative assistants and other office professionals play a major roll behind the scenes. In smaller offices especially, many assistants also serve as a one-person human resource department.

Assistants may be quieter about their contribution to the company, but they’re just as important as most of the other positions when it comes to keeping business operations humming.

A rough economy over the last few years has taken a toll on everyone, and it’s likely that a lot of employees have picked up additional work created by downsizing. Don’t forget to thank all your other colleagues who have made sacrifices for the betterment of the team.

Do administrative assistants play a big role in your office? Do you have a special story about a time the office assistant went above and beyond the call of duty? What are some other ways to show your gratitude?

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