Job Descriptions and 5 Things NOT To-Do

7 Mar

HR Managment & The Perfect Job DescriptionJob descriptions are one of the most versatile tools for a human resources manager. Not only are they useful for interviewing prospective employees, but they can also be an important source when conducting evaluations, promoting within or reorganizing your workforce.

Here’s a list of the top five mistakes HR managers make, according to Business and Legal Reports:

1. Mismanaging the job description program. Assign the task of writing the description to someone in top management and decide on an approval process.

2. Basics. Don’t forget the critical elements. Make sure you have listed the job’s title, purpose, essential functions and responsibilities, accountabilities and specifications.

3. Be accurate. With a bad job description, unqualified candidates can be referred for hiring or promotion, jobs might be improperly ranked in terms of importance to the company or employees may struggle to reach unrealistic standards.

4. USE your descriptions. After putting so much time into writing them, why wouldn’t you use one of your greatest HR assets every chance you get?

5. Consistency. If a number of people are drafting descriptions, writing styles are bound to vary. Have one person edit all descriptions to make sure the organization, word choice and grammar accurately reflect your company’s goals.

Do you have any special tricks when it comes time to draft a job description? Was there a time when a really terrible description created problems for your department?

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