The Latest HR Recruit: Mobile Phones

25 Mar

Human Resources and Mobile PhonesSome employees may curse the rise of BlackBerrys, iPhones and Androids, as being constantly connected also means you’re expected to be on call, responding to coworkers and client emails.

For HR managers, this cloud has a silicone lining: Mobile devices can improve productivity while workers are on the go or unable to get to the office. Recruiting directors can even enlist smartphones, social networks and recruiting software to connect with candidates and post jobs.

Due to economic constraints, many employers are operating with a greatly reduced workforce, and giving your employees options on where they do their work can help keep business running smoothly.

To get your current employees mobile, offers these simple tips.

1. Give them the right equipment. Passing out a few tablet computers with 3G subscriptions will guarantee employees are always connected and can put the “working” back in working from home.

2. Use payroll and HR management software that’s hosted online, so it can be accessed from anywhere.

3. Integrate in-office and telecommuting skills. Cross-train your staff so they can get right down to business, even if they can’t get into the office.

Has your company embraced smartphone technology? Do you think making employees more mobile can improve productivity?

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