How HR Can Improve Profits

23 Mar

How Human Resources Can Improve ProfitsHuman resource departments can sometimes be unfairly pigeonholed, destined only to hirings and firings, managing transactions, keeping employees in check – and not much else. But HR managers can also be a rich source for business solutions.

For instance, more companies are enacting workplace flexibility programs, allowing employees to set their own start-stop times or split a position with another worker. As wireless technology allows for greater connectivity, telecommuting can maintain (and sometimes improve) productivity, even when a potential roadblock, such as a sick child or inclement weather, pops up.

Adopting HR management software can also help pinpoint unnecessary expenses or underutilized resources.

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management lists the characteristics of a competent HR professional, including being an agent of change, developing staff to grow and advance within a company, contributing to business strategy and being a systems innovator.

The human resources department can be a vital asset to CEOs as they work to increase revenue, drum up cashflow and reduce overhead. As the administrative overseer, HR managers know every aspect of a company and can apply that knowledge to enact positive change – especially when human resources management stays current on certain key HR metrics.

Do you have any tips for making a company more attuned to employee needs? Any great innovations for expanding your business’ reach in the market?

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