Communication is Key

18 Mar

Human Resources Management Communicating ValueNot everyone has the gift of gab. Some people would much prefer to utilize their technical skills, completing tasks on their own and functioning by themselves. But in human resources management, that system does not fly. HR professionals must see that communication is critical.

Gifted HR team members that contribute a great deal of work to an organization are still imperative, but they may lack the skills necessary to manage HR job duties. A similar comparison can be made with sports. Sometimes the best players on the field or court are unable to leverage that career into a future in managing or coaching, simply because they do not have the communication tools to be a leader. On the contrary, some of the best coaches in sports were not the top athletes on their teams during their time as players.

Communication may be one of the most important tools in an HR professional’s arsenal because the skill can translate into so many aspects of his or her job. Not only do communication skills aid in tackling leadership responsibilities, they also help in problem solving, conflict resolution, interviewing and negotiating.  In addition, when explaining essential HR metrics to management – one not only needs to be skilled in taking complex ideas and extracting the most necessary details but they must be capable of explaining what it all means as well as what the value of the information is to them.

Additionally, those who are gifted communicators will be better off not just in large presentations, but also in one-on-one conversations and small group meetings. The benefits of communication are endless.

Do you think communication is one of the top skills for an HR professional to have? What else makes human resources managers good at their jobs?

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