Bilingual HR Professionals Soar

15 Mar

Bilingual HR Professional SoarThere are 322 languages spoken in the U.S. and although over 215 million Americans speak English, there are some residents that either do not speak the language or are not native English speakers. Human resources management professionals must take these people into account because they, like all other Americans, need jobs, services and products – possibly from an HR manager’s company.

HR professionals are not expected to be experts in several languages, but it can help if a staff member is able to speak an additional language. This ability can also aid a HR manager’s job security.

Those in the country’s most diverse states may need to be even more in tune with the language needs of the community around them. The most linguistically diverse state in the U.S. is California, where 207 different languages are spoken, says the U.S. English Foundation. New York follows behind in second place, with 169 languages spoken. Rounding out the top five are Washington, Texas and Oregon.

If a company doesn’t have someone on staff that can speak additional languages, there is always the option of hiring an interpreter. These positions are booming as businesses try to fill the needs of employees and customers.

Has your company encountered any language barriers? How did you go about bridging that linguistic gap?

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