Top Qualities of a HR Manager

16 Feb

Human Resource Manager Showing Off Top QualitiesThere is no tried and true system for finding the perfect human resources management professional. There’s no perfect cookie-cutter to create the ideal HR manager. But the top HR staff members do tend to have a number of similar qualities.

It’s like the old chicken and the egg conundrum. What came first? Did the duties of a job in HR form a workforce of people with top-notch personalities, or were these personality types drawn to careers in HR? Maybe we’ll never know.

In many cases, here are some of the ways that a successful HR manager might identify him or herself.

1. As a motivator. They don’t have to be overly peppy cheerleader types, but someone who is able to unite and inspire a workforce is a blessing for a company to have.

2. As a leader. Without someone with leadership qualities at the helm, the company won’t go anywhere.

3. As a listener. HR managers need to be able to do more than hear. A good listener must be able to understand and evaluate when is being said.

4. As an innovator. Human resources requires a lot of flexibility, problem solving and quick thinking. Managers who can innovate and see things in a new, unique way are essential.

5. As a presenter. For some people, public speaking is more terrifying than jumping into shark-infested waters. But HR managers must be able to keep an audience engaged in order to deliver their messages.

This list is far from being comprehensive. What are some of the redeeming qualities you see in your HR manager? What traits are essential for HR professionals to have?

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