The Personal And Professional Office

25 Feb

Human Resources Can Help Humanize An Office And Still Maintain ProfessionalismThere is a fine line between maintaining a professional workspace and expressing one’s self at a job. But when it comes to personalizing a desk or office, that line can be walked successfully.

Those in charge of human resource management may want to encourage employees to add some individuality to their workspaces to help improve office morale. HR professionals should also include a bit of their personality in the design of their office space to add more of a “human” touch.

Employees spend most of their waking day at their job, so for some it’s their “home away from home”.  Allowing them to display a part of who they are will make them feel more “at home” and comfortable in the workplace (of course, we don’t want them to get too comfortable since they still have a job to do). People like to express their individuality so allowing them to do that while still keeping the workplace professional will help improve moral.

Obviously, we need to be careful what we allow employees to have in their workspace.  You still need to maintain a professional workplace so you may want to set some rules around what you will allow them to display.  Keeping it professional is key.

Putting your own personal touch to your workspace can be done easily and tastefully. Creatively organizing a workspace with functional and funky office supplies can do the trick. There are many unique and stylish office supplies on the market today, such as bright memo pads and sticky notes in the shape of fruit.

Another personal touch can be added with color and fabric. These elements will soften the industrial feel of a desk or office.

Staff members must be advised, however, that too much personality can reduce professionalism and increase clutter. Employees should keep just one or two unique items on a desk. Too many knick-knacks or seemingly childish items can make someone seem less professional.  So if you want to bring in your sports bobble head collection, think about keeping it tasteful and limiting it to just one or two of your favorites.

How has your human resources management team helped make your office more personal yet maintained professionalism?

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