Five Steps to Top-Notch Performance Reviews

18 Jan

Employee performance reviews are a must at every company. But there is a big difference between simply executing the task and making the interaction worthwhile for all involved.

Human resources should educate managers and other leadership within a company to ensure that proper performance reviews are taking place.  Employees will quickly learn that performance reviews are not valued by the company if they aren’t taken serious by management. 

Entrepreneur magazine, shares five tips for employee performance reviews:

  1. Don’t use a performance review to air everything that an employee is doing wrong. Use the time to concentrate on improvements that can be made and how they can achieve them in the future.
  2. Create performance criteria and apply them to all employees across the board. This will help promote fairness and consistency.
  3. Allow employees to voice their opinions and evaluate themselves. If an employee’s view of him or herself and a company’s view of the individual’s performance don’t match up, it should be a warning sign.
  4. Document all observations in writing, including notes on poor performance. Be honest with those critiques, but not brutal.
  5. Smaller firms may not need performance reviews for employees if constant communication and feedback are taking place. However, if these reviews are avoided, companies should still send the message that performance is critical.

What best practices does your company follow when holding performance reviews?

3 Responses to “Five Steps to Top-Notch Performance Reviews”

  1. Elizabeth Berlin February 4, 2011 at 3:59 pm #

    Great tips in this post. Formalizing employee feedback holds everyone accountable and encourages top performance. For supervisors with diverse responsibilities, managing review cycles with consistency can be a challenge. We have a post that addresses this:

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