How to Give New Hires a Warm Organized Welcome

10 Jan

New situations can be scary. To better understand how it feels to be “the new guy” at a company, HR managers should put themselves in the shoes of their newly hired employees and show them the ropes with a carefully planned and thorough orientation.

The University of California at Berkeley offers a checklist for those in charge of human resources management, to guide them through a first-day orientation.

  • Give a warm welcome and try to quell any nervousness.
  • Discuss the first day’s agenda right off the bat.
  • Take the employee on a tour and introduce him or her to other staff members.
  • Have lunch with the new employee so he or she continues to feel welcome.
  • Review the job description with the employee and clarify any parts that may be confusing.
  • Explain working hours.
  • Supply a benefits packet with all the information and forms about the company’s offerings.
  • Explain telephone, fax, e-mail and internet use.
  • Help the new employee complete all the necessary personnel forms.
  • Provide him or her with the required keys, IDs and access cards, if applicable.
  • Introduce new employees to the office resources available to him or her, such as directories, dictionaries, computer program manuals, staff listings, etc.

But orientation is more than just a nice welcoming for the new employee. There are essential company outcomes to achieve.  Orientation helps reduce start-up costs by getting new hires up to speed faster. The sooner they are producing at the same level as the rest of the staff, the less time will be lost.

Employee turnover is reduced when staff feels valued, and an orientation shows that an organization has an interest in seeing new employees succeed.  After a solid orientation and a fruitful follow-up meeting, a new employee will feel a part of the team.

What other activities does your company plan for new hires?

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