Employees Prefer a Fast HR Department

22 Nov

Although the matter is often debated among HR professionals, new research has found that employees prefer a fast human resources management department to an accurate one.

Recently, eePulse and the Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California polled 677 people about confidence and fast HRM. When it came to payroll and employee management, respondents had the most confidence, scoring 3.81, when the firm performance was fast and accurate. However, confidence scores were higher when HR was fast and inaccurate (3.67) than when HR was slow and accurate (3.59). Confidence scores were based on a 1 to 5 scale.

“If there is a choice between speed and accuracy, fast HRM wins,” states the study.

In total, 62 percent of respondents noted that they had a slow HR department and only 33 percent reported having a fast and accurate HRM. However, according to TLNT, 60 percent of respondents said their offices had an accurate department.

In the open-ended comments portion of the survey, eePulse found that respondents asked that HR speed up hiring, performance management, HR metrics work, learning and development and employee engagement.

According to TLNT, some of the respondent comments should be eye-opening for HR professionals.

“Maybe it’s a communication issue, but it just feels like things that are worked on by HR are just slow processes,” wrote one commenter.

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