Crowdsourcing for Happier Employees

10 Nov

Crowdsourcing Employees

Employees who feel in control of their future are often happier at work -and according to HR Morning, the same is true when it comes to employee control over benefits.

HR Morning suggests using a technique called crowdsourcing to help with employee management. Crowdsourcing, typically a marketing device, involves asking online fans and followers to register likes and dislikes so companies can help form business strategies and ideas that fit those needs. The site asserts that this concept can be applied to designing benefits plans as well.

“Adding choice and personalization this way to employee plans will build trust and loyalty,” says Carol Harnett, a benefits consultant for HR Morning.

Four keys to getting the most out of crowdsourcing, according to the website, are making participation easy, giving employees a deadline, providing positive feedback and not getting in the way of the flow of ideas.

A survey may be the best place to start, as it is a non-threatening way to collect data and responses will increase if employees know they only have a limited time to be heard, says HR Morning.

Crowdsourcing has been used by everyone from talk show host Conan O’Brien and retail giant Gap to oil spill offender BP and the British government, according to BBC News.

How do you think you can apply crowdsourcing at your company? Tell me about it below!

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