Creating a Culture of Wellness

2 Nov

Launching a wellness program at your business can be a great tool in the process of employee management. You can achieve a happier, healthier workplace even when the down economy may not allow for monetary incentives for your employees. A wellness program can also save in the long run and allow you to offer better benefits when less money is going to support preventable illnesses.

Thomas B. Gilliam, co-author of Move It. Lose it. Live Healthy: Achieve a Healthier Workplace One Employee at a Time, suggests being inclusive first and foremost in a recent BusinessWeek article. Don’t single out people who are overweight.

“‘Fitness’ and ‘thinness’ are not always synonymous,” he wrote.

Gilliam also suggests offering small incentives like gift cards for employees who reach certain milestones, fostering exercise groups and offering to help employees set a healthy example for their children as motivators.

Business Management Daily offers some other helpful tips for getting a wellness program off the ground.

Buying pedometers can be an easy way to get employees moving, the website suggests. Banning smoking on the premises, holding smoke-free workshops, performing quarterly health screenings, stocking the vending machines with healthy food and rewarding employees with health insurance premium reductions are other ways to focus your business on wellness.

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